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Former co-owner and manager of a local restoration shop, Kevin Ford decided to venture out on his own and open Kevin's Auto Restoration & Repair. He has worked on many car types, from late model exotic sports cars to mini vans, including building a jet-powered monster truck with an impressive racing background to go with it.

"Too many times I have spoken to people about how their car has been at another shop for 2+ years and nothing is getting done," Kevin explains. "More often than not they have left a big deposit to get the project going and now 2 years later with little done, the shop wants more money. The shop may have used the deposit money toward other cars, to make payroll or pay bills due to the fact that they are stuck behind the eight ball and don't know how to get out."


To show he's not like those other shops, Kevin's Auto Restoration and Repair does not require deposits when you leave your car, "We encourage our customers to stop by, check progress, and be involved with their project. If the distance is too great to for someone to stop by, we are happy to e-mail progress pictures to show you the status of their project."


They also accommodate their customers by offering billing on a schedule that works best for them; either a maximum dollar amount or a bi-weekly/monthly schedule. For those with busy lives, Kevin's can also arrange for the pick-up and delivery of your car.


At Kevin's, the most important part of any restoration or repair job is that the quality of the work is done to the level that the customer requires, if not higher. Kevin's would like to be your one-stop auto restoration and repair shop in the Houston area.

''Restoring cars is not a science;
it is a love for seeing cars assembled and running to the best of our ability. I do this because it is my passion."
With Kevin's name on every job, he has a desire for perfection that fuels his oversight into every car that comes to his shop to ensure every job is done right.
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