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full or partial restorations

From full rotisserie auto restoration to partial touch-ups, we offer several levels of restorations to choose from depending on your needs and budget.


- Complete stripping of body to bare metal

- Repair of any rust, bodywork, & paint

- Reassembling with reconditioned or replaced parts as necessary, including engine, transmission & rear axle overhaul


- Removal of all trim, glass, chrome & body panels

- Repair of rust, bodywork, & paint

- Reassemble with new parts as needed 

- Repair & polish stainless trim


- Full-Frame Vehicle: Removal of the body & stripping all components from the chassis

- Rebuilding of engine, transmission & rear axle assembly

- Sandblasting & painting the frame plus all suspension parts

- Re-plating any parts with cadmium or zinc plating plus replace all other parts as required

- Re-assembly using new fasteners & bushings as required

- Inspection and replacement of any worn steering parts


- Check out all electrical components for proper operation

- Remove & replace all wiring & bulbs, replace or repair any worn out or slow electrical components

*** Electrical System Upgrades ***

Many wiring systems on older vehicles have been through their share of rigging, chopping & bypassing, leaving a possible fire hazard out of your cars wiring system. We have seen really nice vehicles broken down or having fire damage due to botched electrical repairs. 


Most cars can have their electrical wiring system upgraded to late model fuses as well as more circuits allowing the addition of power windows, door locks, aftermarket A/C & larger sound systems. These wiring systems get rid of the weak spots in factory harnesses, as well as repairing the damage caused over the years from sub-par repairs.


- Remove all interior panels, seats, dash, headliner & carpet

- Replace seat covers & foam, replace broken/weak seat springs

- Install new carpet, headliner & door panels

- Re-condition/replace dash pad, handles, escutcheons, & trim

- Repaint lower dash if necessary

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