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custom paint & body work

Whether you need a touch-up or a full paint job, Kevin's can take care of it. We set our standards extremely high when it comes to bodywork and paint. You can rest assured knowing that here at Kevin's, sub-par paint jobs and overspray anywhere is unacceptable.


Paints have come along way since the days of lacquers and emeron used in show cars of the 70s. We stay up on the latest trends and technologies used in the industry to make sure you're getting the best quality available.

Waterborne paints are the latest thing to hit the market and offer a lot of nice colors without all the hazards of solvent-based paints. Not having an in house paint booth we use 3 different painters to reach the quality of finish our customer requires for there project.

With Kevin overseeing the painting process, you can be assured the finished paint job will be perfect. After the paint is applied comes the most important part; wet sanding, and buffing. This is what makes your paint stand out and look like glass. We spend many hours wet sanding and buffing to make sure all the hard work during bodywork and paint application shows.

Don't settle for sub-par Quick-O-Bake-O paint jobs on your pride and joy, take the time to get it done right and have it last.


At Kevin's we can take care of your bodywork needs also, if it's just a minor dent or if you have rust issues we can repair it and make it look like new.


We only use the highest quality replacement panels on the market when repairing your car. If a replacement panel is not avalible then we can fabricate one from scratch when necessary. Our goal during a repair is to eliminate all rust and prevent rust from returning.


Too many times we see cars that were repainted 3 to 5 years ago and already there are signs of rust bubbles in the paint due to poor repair techniques. That's why we go the extra mile to prevent this from happing to your project by coating the backside of panels with rust killers or inhibitors.


If you want your door gaps back to factory standards or all exactly 3/16 with perfect body lines, we can get you there.

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